Urgent Priority for the Next Anglican Leader

An Urgent Priority

“An urgent priority!” So spoke the Synod President, Peter Lin, at the special synod for the election of the next Archbishop of Sydney. This urgent priority is leading our churches to pray, plan and plant new churches in the massive growth corridors of Greater Sydney.

“It is no secret that the city is going through massive, infrastructural changes. This has become necessary due to the rapid population increase that will see more than 8 million residents in the Diocese by 2056, if not sooner: 1.5 million more people by 2036, another 1.6 million by 2056. 50% of the growth will be in new land release areas – with the largest portion of these being housed in Western, North Western and South Western Sydney.”

Bishop Lin went on to unpack the magnitude of the challenge before us, “Size-wise, this city will be in the order of 1.5 million people. There will be over 300,000 people moving into just the immediate area around the new airport.” the Bishop said. “We currently have 3 churches available for those 300,000 people. The growth is tremendous and so, therefore, is the responsibility. These are not distant mission fields we may or may not choose to support. This is our own backyard.”

To read a fuller version of his speech, you can go to And so it begins on the Sydney Anglican website.