Partner with us this Christmas to build the new Marsden Park Anglican Church

What an amazing day it was for Synod visiting the Greenfields areas of South-western Sydney in September along with taking a bus trip around the new and emerging suburbs surrounding the new Western Sydney Airport. The importance of building churches, schools and seniors living infrastructure in these growth corridors of south-western and north-western Sydney was clearly demonstrated.

The support given at Synod to purchase land means that we, God willing, can catch up with the crowds that are moving into the growth corridors of Sydney’s south-west and north-west. We found a place to belong at Life Anglican Church Marsden Park.

Coming from the Indian state of Gujarat, near the Pakistani border Bronel and his wife Nikita, lived for 10 years at Parramatta before buying their new home in the north-west of Sydney in the new suburb of Marsden Park.

Bronel and Nikita have been married 13 years and have been blessed with their son, 7-year-old Nathan. While they lived at Parramatta, they started attending St John’s Anglican Church at Parramatta.
Two years ago in 2020, God provided them with the opportunity to buy their own home in Marsden Park. After moving to Marsden Park, they found it wasn’t possible to travel back to Parramatta every week to attend Sunday services. While they were in lockdown, they came across Life Anglican Church Marsden Park, and they found a home and sense of belonging. Since August 2020 they have been regular members of Life Anglican Church.

Life Anglican Church meets at Richard Johnson Anglican School on the weekend. This provides a great facility to meet together. However, without having a permanent base, this church plant’s ability to do effective ministry during the week is severely hampered. Life Anglican is at a stage where it needs to have an effective base where the Christians at Marsden Park can be built up and where the church can have a 7-day a week base to introduce people to our Saviour Jesus.

Bronel and Nikita’s prayer is that Life Anglican Church Marsden Park will be an anchor in the community that connects new neighbours and reflects Christ’s love and compassion to a rapidly growing group of people who need to know him.

To build a typical church has cost about $5.5m over the last decade. Add to that consultant fees, government fees and our own costs adds another $1.5m. That means that a new church build typically costs approximately $7m.

With your generous help, and by the grace of our God, the most recent new church development at Leppington was completed in 2022. The next new church project is at Marsden Park in Sydney’s north-west.

Thank you once again for your partnership in the Gospel. May you know the blessing of Jesus’ love as you gather with your family and loved ones to celebrate his birth.