News From Stanhope Gardens

Minister Steve Reimer shares a bit about what is happening at Stanhope Gardens.

God continues to build his church at Life Anglican Church Stanhope.  A group of 125+ meet every Sunday morning in the Leisure Centre, where a small group first began nine years ago.  Whilst there are still more adults than children, the gaps seems to close every year, which is exciting for the future of this church.

Highlights over the past few years include putting up a big marquee on the vacant church land for special services. This has been good for the church to be on the land and also has also provided greater opportunity to reach out to the community.  However, people look forward to the day when construction finally begins and it becomes the permanent home of the church.

It’s in a great location and will enable greater ministry to take place right throughout the week.  The need is indeed great with over 40,000 people already living in the catchment area for the church.  The mission of the church is to share the new life of Jesus with the world and they would love to see people from every nation living in the area worshipping together in the church.