Life Anglican Church Marsden Park turning the first sod

On the 27 May, Life Anglican Church Marsden Park will celebrate the turning of the first sod of dirt on their new church building site.

Marsden Park, situated in the Northwest growth corridor of Sydney, has become the home for the young Church. Life Anglican Church seeks to connect people to Jesus by cultivating their faith in Jesus. Through their love and dedication, they have become an integral part of the area, as they invite their friends and neighbours to their church so they can hear about Christ.

It has been six fruitful years since Life Anglican Marsden Park and the Rev Mark Collins began their ministry using the Richard Johnson Anglican School on Sundays. Thanks to God’s grace, the church has seen continuous growth. Their vision to create a place to belong and share Jesus in their lives, has outgrown their Sunday meeting place at the school. Through the generosity of the diocese and NCNC supporters, we will be celebrating the first sod of dirt being turned on 27 May.

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