Grasslands to become manufacturing capital

The NSW government has released details of the Sydney’s third city centre, known as Bradfield. Construction will commence before the end of the year, with a $11.5 billion investment from the Berejiklian government to lay the foundations for the 114 hectare site near the new Western Sydney International Airport.

Premier Berejiklian announced in a public launch on Tuesday 15 June that, “these grasslands behind us will become the advanced manufacturing capital not just of NSW, of our nation.” The city once completed will be approximately 60 percent of the size of the Sydney CBD.

On the doorstep of this major metropolis include two parcels of land that the Sydney Anglican Mission Property Committee purchased some years ago in Rossmore and Bringelly. These will be among two critical locations for the planting of new churches, which the New Churches for New Communities will be supporting.

To learn more about the Government’s plans for the Bradfield development, click on the link below from the ABC news site.