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Why new churches for new communities?

Over the next forty years Sydney’s population is expected to grow by up to 3 million. Approximately 50% of this will be west of Parramatta. At current rates, we will only have one church per 100,000 people in the new developments. We need faith, vision and generosity to reach new populations with the Gospel!


Our Progress

We’re building facilities across Sydney to support new churches. Stanhope Gardens began 10 years ago in a leisure centre. Their new building was dedicated in October 2020. Construction commenced at Hope Anglican Church, Leppington in the same year. Despite the setbacks of Covid lockdowns in 2021, their new buildings were completed by the end of 2021. Our focus now turns to helping Life Anglican Church Marsden Park with their own facilities. Beyond that we need a pipeline of support for new churches every year, for the next 30 years if we are to keep up with population growth in Greater Sydney.

For each project NCNC has committed to raising $2.5M for construction costs.


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Frustrated residents of SW Sydney over the lack of infrastructure

Frustrated residents of SW Sydney over the lack of infrastructure

By 2036 it is predicted that the Blacktown council area’s population will exceed that of Tasmania. In the below article Sydney Morning Herold journalist Jordan Baker says that residence are frustration with the lack of facilities in our new high-growth areas on the...

Hope has a new home

Hope has a new home

It is exciting to celebrate the completion of the new buildings at Hope Anglican Church Leppington. Below is footage of the new buildings. Lead Pastor, Luther Symons also shares something of the story of Hope Anglican and their humble beginnings culminating in a...

Life Anglican Church Marsden Park becomes Provisional Parish

Life Anglican Church Marsden Park becomes Provisional Parish

Landmark day for Life Anglican Church, Marsden Park On 1 March, the Archbishop, Kanishka Raffel, declared Marsden Park to be a provisional parish in the Sydney Anglican Diocese. This is tremendous news for a church plant that started just under five years ago. In a...

It’s our turn to build the future

It’s our turn to build the future

Greater Sydney’s population is currently 5.3 million people. In 20 years, it is projected to increase by 800,000 people to 6.1 million. That’s an average of 80,000 new people every year for the next 40 years.

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