Sydney Anglican Property

From 1 January 2024, New Churches for New Communities is a part of Sydney Anglican Property (SAP). SAP was formed to provide a unified, co-ordinated approach to all diocesan property matters, from day to day parish building issues to new church developments, strategic planning, insurance, heritage and more.

SAP brings together the staff and functions previously spread across the Anglican Church Growth Corporation, the Anglican Church Property Trust, New Churches for New Communities and St Andrew’s House Corporation.

As a result, SAP is now a one stop shop for property-related matters across the Diocese, ensuring we are able to provide parishes with better, more co-ordinated services, while retaining an emphasis on innovative projects that help people to know the real Jesus.

Crucially, the important work of NCNC will continue under SAP – funding and delivering new churches in the rapidly growing communities springing up across Sydney’s greenfields areas. If you would like to contribute to this wonderful gospel work, you can do so here.

Over the coming months we will be working on a new online home for SAP. In the meantime, all the latest project updates related to new churches in new communities will be provided via the Growth Corporation website. This NCNC site will no longer be updated. Thank you.